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The 52-week guide to becoming an entrepreneur – Week 41

IMG_2853 - Version 2This is the forty-first post in my epic journey going from lawyer to entrepreneur.  You can read the previous entry here, and next week’s entry here.

The theme for this week has been all about hanging outside of my comfort zone.

It’s not that this is new information for any of us.  We’ve all seen the image on the internet pointing out your comfort zone, and a space outside of it, which is labelled “Where the magic happens”.  But that’s fine — this series isn’t about providing you something brand new, as much as it is to chronicle my own journey in the hopes that you take something away from it.

I started preparing to deliver our training this past weekend and was instead presented with a different offer: head over to the other room where we were starting a new program, and begin acting in a different position.  I was moving up — and that meant stepping in to leading a new team, meeting that team, showing up as a leader in a room full of new participants, and taking on things I’m not comfortable doing.

The thing I noticed is that this is what is next for me, but my gut instinct was to resist it.

“Maybe when I’ve learned a little bit more.  Maybe once I’ve watched someone else do it a few more times”.

The same things I hear my clients try to enroll me in when we look at what is next for them to take on in alignment with the lives they really want to be leading.

Seriously, the exact same stories.

How embarrassing.

As I sat there, trying to strategize my way out of feeling intimidated and like I wasn’t good enough, I had an awareness come over me.

“These people don’t know that I’m worried, or scared.  I want to be a certain way so as to hide that from them.  But I don’t need to.  I can just show up the way I show up around anything I’m comfortable with, and let whatever happen, happen”.

And it was that simple.  That doesn’t mean it was easy (more on this over at Evergrowth’s blog soon) — but it was simple.

The way I show up when I just let myself be authentic is connected.  Open and witty.  Insightful and brilliant.

All there really was for me to do was trust that it would be alright, that those qualities are always available, and to connect with the people in front of me.

And that’s all there really ever is to do when you’re willing to step outside of your comfort zone.

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