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The 52-week guide to becoming an entrepreneur – Week 50

photo - Version 2This is the fiftieth post in my epic journey going from lawyer to entrepreneur.  You can read the previous entry here, and next week’s entry here.

Well, here we are, with three entries left to go.

It’s almost time for a retrospective, but not yet.  I have two more posts to share about this journey and process.

I was reading Teri-E Belf’s book, Coaching with Spirit, and read this:

“Within the coaching cycle, one phenomenon is guaranteed — what I call the ‘dip.’  All coaches and coach trainers should be alerted to expect it.  After learning life purpose and having high expectations about possibilities for succeess, clients reach a point, typically midway when thoughts shift to the future.

Clients begin to fear coaching will not work and results will not be produced.  Everything seems up in the air.  Internal beliefs and external habits have been challenged and called into question.  Clients see no way for “miracles” to occur in the second half; the path to success is foggy.

The dip shows up for coaches too.  Why should clients experience it and not coaches?  We are both in the same learning process — letting go of old ineffective patterns and integrating new effective ones.  So next time, celebrate when you reach the dip phase and remember to remain open to trusting it as a natural part of the learning cycle”

I’ve been in the dip for a while.  Hanging out here, resisting any form of celebration, fighting to create something new and different.  And I’ve been reaching out to old acquaintances, trying on many different approaches.

I can see it from a pessimistic perspective, or an optimistic one.  It’s my choice.  I can be frustrated that nothing is working, and gather plenty of evidence to prove that.  I can celebrate that I’ve served more people in the last month than in many of the previous months.  I’ve created possibilities for people that came into my life simply by way of an unsolicited e-mail.  I’ve coached future prime ministers, financial professionals, leaders in the community of creative professionals, and had one person share with me that in both months after the times I’ve coached him, he’s doubled his income.

There’s lots of things to celebrate, and there are lots of things to find wrong with where I’m at.  Ultimately, I get to choose which way I want to lean, and frankly, I’ve been choosing to lean in the shittier of those two directions.

So here I am.  Humbled, open, and ready to embrace whatever is next.  The universe has a divine wisdom to it that I can only hope to travel along with.  It may not go in the direction I necessarily want it to, but that’s not its job, and it’s not my job either. My job is to be Adam, fully-expressed, as I travel along with that path.


Trust that it will work out as it works out, and embrace the present moment for what it makes available.

(By the way, you can count on this being the scummiest photo of the collection.  Just because I hung up my legal career and took on entrepreneurship doesn’t mean I gave up my love of dancing or the clothes and shoes that source it).

  1. June 28th, 2014 at 15:27 | #1

    Hello Adam,
    First, thank you for reading my book. Second I also appreciate that you share your wisdom that one has choice. And third, welcome to the amazing journey and roller coaster of being an entrepreneur.
    Glad you keep dancing :-) in the moment no doubt as well.
    with SUNshine,

    • July 1st, 2014 at 10:47 | #2

      Well, Teri-E, I must say, this is an unexpected pleasure to see you posting here. Thanks for reading, visiting, and most importantly, for contributing to this incredible profession through your book!

      Much love.

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