Leadership for the
Smartest Person

in the Room

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You’re a passionate high-performer who succeeds at everything you take on.

Confidence isn’t your issue. Boredom is your pain.

Success comes relatively easy and quickly. You leapfrog others and it doesn’t seem too hard to overcome the challenges set in front of you.

You’ve got the accolades, your resume runneth over…so why does it still feel like something is missing?

Being the smartest person in the room may have got you here, but it won’t take you to where you REALLY want to go.

Meet Adam Quiney

“Intelligence got you here. Now it’s what keeps you trapped”

I’m an obsessive perfectionist, high-performer, former lawyer, and now an Executive Mentor. I know what it’s like to succeed easily and quickly. To blindly put my happiness in the hands of achievement.

All the success, money and possessions in the world couldn’t cure my boredom. Couldn’t produce a loving, intimate relationship with my wife…and definitely couldn’t fulfill me.

Here’s the rest of my story…

Latest Insights

Why write a book with a title like “Morons!”?

Why write a book with a title like “Morons!”?

There is a group of people that I refer to as the Smartest People in the Room. These people aren’t necessarily smarter than anyone else (whatever smarter actually means, and contrary to what the label implies). They are simply people with a high degree of brilliance....

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Predictability Vs. Possibility

Predictability Vs. Possibility

Predictably, you will get better and better at projecting the polished image of perfection that you feel comfortable with. People will see you, and, in your presence, feel intimidated (you like that a little, right?). They will look to you and despair, thinking...

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