The game I want to invite you into playing, with your life, is not one where I help you better strategize and execute on creating the results you want.

The game I want to invite you into playing is one where you create yourself as a clearing for results.

The more of your patterns, habits, and automatic ways of being you can shift aside, the more your natural expression can shine into the world.

Rather than having results happen TO you (sit back and float in the water and let life bring you whatever it has to bring you)…

Rather than having your results created BY you (you go out and are willing to do whatever you have to do to make things happen)…

The shift is that your results are created AS you.

There stops being anything in particular for you to do, and instead, your life becomes about the innate and effortless expression of your art in the world.

That won’t feel effortless at first.

It takes effort to drop the habits we’ve learned to use to stay safe, even if the long-term results are that we end up at a more effortless expression of ourselves.

It takes effort and energy, at first, to trust that you don’t need the shield and armour you’ve relied on to stay safe.

It takes effort and energy, at first, to bear the barbs that come as you let that safety go, and discover how resilient and quickly you can heal when you allow the possibility of being stung.

But over time, if you’re willing to continue the work of removing the armour, where you’ll find yourself is creating results almost effortlessly.

Simply being your expression in the world, and allowing the world to resonate and respond to that.

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