Bay and I are officially announcing the next Intensive.

Our commitment with the Intensive is to continue to support and build community for those committed to a deeper conversation in their day to day lives — those that are committed to transformation.

Conversations like this — conversations that elevate us beyond complaints, worry, anxiety, fears, and being at-the-effect of the world around us — are freeing, but they are not free.

As you lean towards conversations like the ones I’m describing, you’ll discover something curious: our daily world is actively nudging us away from them.

The world we live in is set up along the lines of victimhood, striving, complaint, upset, news that stimulates you with anxiety and fear, and active collusion with all of these things.

In order to continue to operate in a different conversation, we have to actively commit to doing so. We have to invest in communities and containers that hold this conversation for us, so that we can continue to step into it.

So, the Intensive, along with the community that it supports creating, is designed to hold that commitment, for us, and for you.

We’ll support you to elevate your conversation, and see the sneaky ways that your ego has hooked you in your blindspots, so that you can transform them once and for all.

It’s been almost five years since we last threw an Intensive. On the heels of that 2019 event, we were getting ready to throw the follow-up only to be radically derailed by COVID.

It’s taken some time for all of us to catch our stride again, and for the world to find its footing, but now feels like the right time; both for us, and for you.

Here’s some of what you can expect from the Intensive:

  • A shift in your internal conversation, that opens up access to new possibility and a transformed way of experiencing your life;
  • New tools and distinctions that will support you as you return to the world you left behind;
  • Access to a new depth of relationships with your friends and romantic partner(s); and
  • Fun, delight, joy, play and new friendships that will last you a lifetime.

And you might also come for any of these reasons:

  • You know there’s something deeper available, and are ready to create it;
  • You aren’t willing to settle or “accept that you just need to…” — you genuinely believe that what you want is possible, and you’re committed to making it happen;
  • You’re craving a deeper community that you can be a part of;
  • You want to become a leader in your own life.

You can find more details about, and register for The Intensive here.

We’ll be running from May 29 – May 31 in beautiful Victoria, B.C. There is early-bird pricing up until April 30, 2024 at $1,500 USD, after that the cost is $2,000 USD.

We’re very excited to share this space with you.