1. Everyone is light. Find and see the light.
2. Every light casts a shadow. Trace the shadow back to the light that casts it, then practice #1.
3. Do your own work first.
4. When you feel like leaning in, lean back.
5. When in doubt, be silent.
6. Ask only questions you don’t know the answer to.
7. Make assertions sparingly. When you do, label them as such.
8. Find the inspiration.
9. Get trained. Regularly.
10. Trust your client.
11. Trust yourself.
12. Hire and work with your own coach.
13. Become insatiably curious.
14. There is a positive intention behind every pattern. Find it.
15. There is no “best” belief, only the belief we are currently empowering.
16. Explore your client’s beliefs. Discover the possibilities and the impossibilities within the confines of each belief.
17. When you believe you have the solution, release it.
18. Be willing to be lost.
19. Your job isn’t to get your client out of the hole. It is to see, with your client, how they keep putting themselves into the hole.
20. Say the thing that will get you fired.
21. Say the thing that will stop you from being hired.
22. Expect and welcome people being confronted.
23. Expect and welcome people quitting.
24. What your client is struggling with is a reflection of what you are struggling with (see #3).
25. When you truly love someone, you can say anything.
26. In order to truly love someone, you must continually move your own stuff out of the way.
27. Be responsible for both your intention and your impact.
28. Clean up your messes.
29. Let go of your need to resolve your client’s tension.
30. Celebrate wins.
31. Work with projects and tangible results.
32. Work with your client’s being.
33. Work in partnership with spirit.
34. Focus on creating breakthroughs and transformation, rather than short-term fixes and temporary change.
35. Show your work, every day.
36. Model your work, every day.
37. Be a buffalo: run towards the storm. Run towards your fear.
38. Get your money handled.
39. Get your wellbeing handled.
40. Be honest and open about where you are struggling.
41. Your work never ends.