Depth desires fullness
Surface desires safety

Depth is the energy of commitment to what is possible
Surface is the energy of avoiding what is dangerous

Depth tends to be fuller
Surface tends to be safer

Surface aims for breadth
Depth aims for richness

Surface is like the layer of ice on a frozen lake
Depth is everything below the ice

When surface meets depth, some really interesting things happen.

Depth craves more depth, and surface craves more surface. Surface tends towards breadth — spreading out over the top of things, exploring more and more, bouncing between projects, etc.

Depth is not opposed to breadth — it just craves the depth that is available in our ongoing experience, and so makes this the priority above all else.

Depth is the energy of a commitment to dive deeper toward what is available, regardless of the dragons that may lie in the way. Surface is the energy of protecting ourselves from what might be uncovered if we dig too deep.

When depth and surface come into contact, polarity happens. The two energies collide with each other and sparks fly.

Surface has an inherent interest in avoiding the danger that depth invites. Depth has an inherent interest in exploring the fullness that surface avoids.

When surface confronts depth, it is risky. The surface energy attempts to pull depth out of the deep and up into the realm that is safe. Have you ever had this experience? You might go with someone for lunch, and have the experience that you are being interviewed. It’s delightful, and there are a million great questions that you’re being asked, and yet there is a level of depth and intimacy that never seems to get created.

When depth is confronted by surface, there tends to be a lot of silence. Depth is looking for what is available in the interaction with the surface, and feels the surface energy’s pull to operating on top of whatever is available — towards skating along the frozen surface of the lake, rather than diving into the depths below. Depth craves to dive in, but feels the surface’s resistance to doing so, and so is left in silence.

These are simply two energies.

We are all operating from the energies of surface and depth at different times. You can do as much work as you like to deepen and embody yourself, and you will still find times when you jump to the surface, desirous of the safety that is provided when you are suddenly confronted by your edge.