• It all just comes so easily to you. You are the gift of life being easy and effortless. In your presence, people wonder what they were so worried about it. It just all kind of comes together, man. At times you confound others, leaving them wondering why you don’t seem to share the same struggles they do. When we spend time with you, we are reminded of the gift that is existence, and can simply revel in the flow that is life.
  • You are the embodiment of the concept of Flow. Trusting that whatever shows up is divinely inspired and all there is to do is “go with it”, you navigate through life like it’s a dance. Whether it’s a change in the weather, new obstacles you hadn’t foreseen, or emotions you weren’t planning to stumble upon, you welcome all of life.
  • The being of Ease can be a true gift on projects, especially ones with a lot of significance, gravitas and possibility (which usually means a lot of accompanying fear as well). The ability to lighten the significance, provides people with the ability to simultaneously go after goals that matter and really make a difference, while stepping past the struggle that can often come with a lot of significance.
  • You may find yourself aligned with leaders that bring a more directive type of energy, like Drive, Commitment, or Purpose, creating a beautiful partnership, marrying the precision and determination of these ways of being to the effortlessness and flow that comes from your innate state of being. Ultimately, your path is to create this same marriage internally.
  • It is worth noting that those with Ease can have an interesting relationship to their own anger, given that anger is not often experienced with a great deal of ease. Part of the journey of Ease is to allow an unfolding into the very places that tend to feel least easy. Anger is simply another emotion - there may be more underneath it, but we can only get there if we’re willing to be here.


  • Predictably, you will slowly learn that your Ease is not something innate, but that is a product of your circumstances. You will start to eschew and avoid circumstances, people and situations that challenge your ease, and slowly but surely limit your options in life to only those around which you are currently able to embody the ease you hold precious.
  • When protecting a state of Ease becomes a game of managing your circumstances, it can lead to a lot of management. You experience an easy life, but only when you guard that ease and make certain that you keep out anything that may be an intrusion into the flow you relish. Consequently, your Ease becomes somewhat elusive. It’s available, but demands a high degree of management and protection. Life stays easy, but only when you keep a lot of things out, and guard your No.
  • In the places where you have learned or been trained that your Ease is not okay, you tend to veer out towards being overly significant (basically he opposite of Ease). Yes there’s flow to life over there, but here right now, we’ve got shit that has to be done, and it is significant dammit! This is the other side to the first tendency described above - a willingness on your part to participate in the circumstances and surroundings that create a lack of Ease for you, and a resignation that this is just the way it must be.
  • Consequently, life tends to vacillate between ease and significance, flow and burden, depending on the circumstances you find yourself in. Life ends up being about a game of managing your circumstances, and then guarding what you’ve created to ensure that you don’t have to deal with those people, places and things that drive up your significance.
  • Those with Ease are often drawn towards practices like a “Surrender Experiment”, or releasing anything that requires any application of their will. While this will provide an experience of ease (what could be easier?), it also leads to an abdication of your leadership. Because leadership demands stepping into the unknown, it will inevitably drive up your fear, which will create reactions from your shadows. When someone experiences their significance surface, the obvious answer becomes to pull back away from that which is driving up the shadow, leaving the leader feeling safe, but unable to push past these boundaries.
  • Predictably, you will help people live a life of freedom and ease, within the realm of that which is predictable. Although life will be pleasant, it is often without a lot of power or ability to cause the impossible, which will demand a willingness to step beyond your comfort into that which calls forth a deeper level of transformation from you.


  • When you take on the work to really come to terms with the fact that your ease or lack-thereof are ultimately all created by you, from the inside out, you start to see that Ease is available in every moment, regardless of your circumstances. What’s possible is that you become the kind of leader who can take people into the most anxiety-producing situations, and help them unfold and open into the divine serenity that is.
  • Leaders with the gift of Ease are often most experienced with significance, overwhelm and burden in their lives. As you do your work and undertake your own transformation, you start to realize that these experiences are milestones and constant companions on your journey, showing up to provide you insight into new places you are not yet able to be with. A willingness to plunge into the dark, scary unknown, be with the significance that is aroused, and unfold into the Ease you are leads to you not only experiencing a life of ease, but also causing the impossible as you do it.
  • When you take on this level of work, it tends to feel counter-intuitive at work - as though you’re going against your natural grain, leaning into projects, support-structures and coaching that creates less ease for you, rather than more. At times, you may need to set down your instincts, and be willing to sit in your overwhelm, rather than try to run from or escape it.
  • When you do this kind of work, you become a clearing and a space of healing for everyone else’s significance. Because of the work you have done to allow room for your own overwhelm and burden, you can hold the space for your clients and those you lead to be in the same experience, without needing them to be any different, without any need to fix what they are experiencing.
  • In this way, you become like yoga for the being - a simple, profound unfolding deeper into ourselves.

Excerpt from the Spectrums of Being - Ease