Ep 154: Using Distinctions Like Weapons

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In this episode, the focus will be on defining distinctions, what it is used for, and how it ends up getting used incorrectly. This episode will be full of notable insights as it will be a discussion on the foundation of distinction, the nature of transformation, and why transformational results are different from growth. It also explains how distinction in leadership is being misused: when it is becoming a rule on how to live their lives and using them as weapons.

This episode will also highlight how the book “A Shift in Being” by Leon VanderPol has helped differentiate transactional and transformational coaching. Also, The Forge is a transformative leadership program where it helps in breaking out of your existing paradigm and embodies transforming yourself to be better to deepen your ability to transform others.

Discover your blind spots and embrace them as a leader. Do not miss this chance to learn how to improve as a leader through this episode.