Ep 170: The Myth of Work-life Balance

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One of the goals that a lot would wish to achieve is having a perfect work-life balance and maintaining it. But this balance is also the paradigm that creates the problem. The more you think that you’re closer to finding your balance, the further you are from solving the problem and we’ll tackle this concept and more in today’s episode!

I’ll not teach the perfect recipe for a good work-life balance but I would share why our distinct qualities should be integrated in different aspects of our lives and not separated. I’ll also tackle how limiting ourselves on what we can express can be draining, how our attempts of managing a work-life balance is a distraction to develop our leadership, and what we should practice to fully express ourselves.

On a side note, I’m personally inviting you as I’ll be putting together a short leadership course wherein we’ll talk, train, and work with the foundational distinctions for leading. If you’re interested, email me at adam@adamquiney.com and be one of the first members as I launch this program!