Ep 173: They Should Just Get It

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I often have this kind of conversation with leaders who have been asking themselves why people are not doing as they’re told and not following through with their commitments.

It is a very frustrating thing and it can be really hard to understand and sometimes we make assumptions about them. We’ve probably all been there. We’re trying to make a change, we’re trying to introduce an idea, a new program to the organization, and it doesn’t go as well as we’d like. The people don’t quite get it. They resist. They criticize. They complain. They procrastinate. And it’s frustrating for all involved, including you.

Can you relate to this?

How are you creating that relationship that people do what you say? How are you communicating that? What are you communicating? Are you getting an enthusiastic response?

Are you getting really frustrated with your leadership? 

In this episode, we’ll focus on the things that you need to consider in order to make things happen. We’ll look at a few of the primary reasons your teammates don’t get it and, trust me, there’s a lot more of them than you think, and then we’ll hone in on the things you really need to keep in mind so it can happen. 

This is not about hammering people into submission, this is about teaching them how to succeed in the world by learning how to do things better. 

So make sure you get it!