Ep 175: How to See the Light Within

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Our shadows and fears tend to mask our light and hinder us to showcase the qualities of what we embody the most. The strategies that we created out of fear have now become the way we relate to ourselves, but not the depth of who we really are. We’ll continue from last week’s conversation as I’ll share how you can work your way to see your light within and be able to fully express them!

I’m inviting you to set aside what you believe in as we’ll tackle the importance of leading the light, how everything else gets created from that light, and how it interacts with our shadows. I’ll also share how transformational leaders can work on this and why the bothersome qualities that you’ll notice are a reflection of your shadows.

On the other hand, my book “Who Do You Think You Are? What The Mirror Does Not Reveal To You About Leadership” will be launching soon! If you would want an advanced copy and are willing to write a review, contact me at adam@adamquiney.com for more details!