Ep 177: Standing and Being Stood For

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Every one of us has what it takes to stand for other people, to serve them in ways that express faithfulness to the values that are worth fighting for.

When someone asks you, “What do you stand for?”, are they asking what you think about some topic? Or is it about how you act out of some belief or affirmation of life?

What does it mean for us? To say that we’re standing for something means we’re coming from a place – our stand. And that place is something that acts like a call forward or influence on the way that we live our lives and interact with the world. 

On the other hand, being stood for is the act of allowing and empowering someone else to stand for you, individually. Interestingly, allowing yourself to be stood for is often the hardest part to take on, especially if you’re a leader. 

Why is that?

Today, we’ll go more into what it means to stand and allow yourself to be stood for, as well as why being stood for is where many leaders fail. Hopefully, this conversation will inspire people to rethink what matters to them and what they stand for.