Ep 178: Generating Yourself

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It gets very easy to assume that the universe is going to take care of you. For instance, if you want a date or a mate, then the universe is going to meet someone for you, do all those things. But I feel like it’s really important to recognize there is a possibility for yourself to be the generator of your own life. And that if you choose to be a generator of your life rather than a receiver of your life, then that also means that you’re the co-creator of your life.

Or maybe, you had a situation in your life where you cannot seem to relate in the moment. Your instinct tells you that changing your circumstances will make you feel better. What I realized is that, rather than fixing the situation, we may actually generate something new from it.

I’d like to argue that being the generative source for your life means that you are responsible for generating what you want moment by moment, rather than waiting for it to come along.

So what does it really mean to generate yourself? What if we were more intentional about what we want in life?

Give me your ears and I’ll tell you!