Ep 179: Insights, Breakdowns, and Breakthroughs

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What’s the difference between “insights,” “breakdowns,” and “breakthroughs”? 

These are really important distinctions that people get wrong or haven’t distinguished from one another. And if we don’t have something distinguished, then we cannot choose between one or the other, nor do we have any ability to make a real choice because we’ve just got stuff bundled together. 

It is often hard to tell these three very related concepts apart due to their overlapping nature. However, each concept plays a role in the creative process that eventually aids with coming up with new ideas and making decisions.

Too many people seem to think the goal is the same. The problem here is that this often leaves people frustrated because they’re not quite sure what they’re actually doing. This confusion can manifest itself into doubts that ultimately hold them back. 

Breakthroughs, breakdowns, and insights are three concepts that people should use correctly to reach their goals.

Let’s unpack these terms so we can understand them better!