Ep 181: The First Breakthrough

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Do you ever wonder if your leadership has the potential to set you up for greatness? We have seen many leaders challenge the status quo and make a breakthrough by implementing new ideas. These leaders think differently and pay attention to their inner selves. A transformational leader creates a breakthrough, which breaks down barriers that have held them back in the past.

A breakthrough is the very first thing you will have to create as a leader. In order to help people around you and to bring something positive and valuable to everybody, you need to come up with a breakthrough. 

In the last episode, we distinguished insight and awareness from genuine breakthroughs. Although insight and awareness on their own are awesome, they rarely create breakthrough results. They tend to leave you feeling good and supporting you to create results that are inside of the world you already know. They might open up a window so you can see something new that’s possible but insights alone will never create the breakthrough. It’ll simply open up that possibility.

In this episode, we’ll talk about how your first breakthrough plays out, why it works the way it does, and what it means for you if you’re planning to start working with a coach.