Ep 185: Pulling the Cart vs. Being Willing to Pull the Cart

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Who’s better at pulling the mission forward: the boss or the leader?

The idea of being a boss is somewhat inspiring; you sit in your chair, telling people what and what not to do and being in control of the team. Then, there is this kind of context that if you are a leader, you are expected to be out in front, pulling the mission forward first and foremost. And if you’re the boss, you’re usually too far in the background or behind it to really make an impact. 

Now, people assume that bosses are bad and that leaders are good. And nobody wants to be the boss because it sucks. Often than not, this context for thinking about leadership suggests that there is a particular way of doing leadership or that there’s a right way and a wrong way to do leadership.

Today, we’re going to clear some of those contexts for thinking about leadership: leaders are better than bosses, and bosses are bad. I’m hoping this will help open up some questions for you that will help you decide where your leadership is going.