Ep 186: When Owning Something Stops Being Ownerships

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Have you ever stopped to think about the kind of impact you give as a leader? How often do you look around and ask yourself how your actions affect people? Do you own the responsibility for their issues, or do you just play the victim and blame others for your actions? And when people give you feedback, are you willing to hear about the impact you’re having on them?

The choices we make as leaders have an impact on those around us. If we’re not willing to hear about that impact, how will we ever learn from our mistakes? Ownership is when we stop acting blind to our impact so that people can be actually able to communicate with us. It’s the willingness to hear about how the way we showed up landed with them. It’s when we acknowledge our impact and make no exception or excuses.

Being a responsible leader is awesome. But what happens when you stop there? Is leadership just about owning up to everything? Well, is it even enough? Where does that leave us?

Let’s get to the bottom of it, so tune in whenever you’re ready!