Ep 189: Retreating to the Jungle

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Can a get-away to a tropical forest make a big difference in our lives in civilization?

This change of scenery may sound like a simple vacation. Although, it holds more than the concept of escaping our concrete jungles. As an evolving species, we experience more adverse
challenges, more short-term seasons in our lives and maybe even harder problems in this generation. We deal with a tremendous amount of anxiety. Distractions come at us left and right, considering the ever-growing dawn of technology. This even supports new lifestyles. We’ve been living at quite a fast pace these past couple of years, to be specific. The pandemic has driven humanity to make the most of life when we’re not hiding from a virus. Statistically, most of society has succumbed to the overwhelming digital age. Everyone has phones, meetings, projects and just a lot of work to do in general.

These keep us occupied and always thinking one step ahead, but the question is: what keeps us grounded? What sets us apart from the reality that we only have because the world is
changing? What stays the same when humanity has come up with its own universe on Earth?

Finding that sweet spot amid global, community and personal problems can feel transformational all in itself. In its basic definition, to “retreat”, we must go back. We must retrace who we are underneath those layers of cultural and societal conditioning. The heart of the work, as further discussed in this episode, is the art of walking with you in that retreat. It entails walking together, participants and leaders manifesting deep work alike; and what better bandwidth than in the company of nature and the presence of real people with real stories to tell.

In this episode, let us go over the intricacies of this life-changing work, its essence, and the impact that it has on those who part-take and come out truly transformed to an ontological level.