Ep 190: Working Out Your Biceps

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Can changing your perspective really change your reality?

The concept of transformation has taken over this era of humanity. From appearance, social status, intelligence, net worth, skill and many more aspects in life, people strive for this fulfilling phenomena. It’s more than just breaking free from the shadows of the past. As difficult as it sounds, it is actually in arms reach. It comes from within, better said. Transformation happens naturally, albeit rather being foreign in itself. Many have comprehended it. Maintaining the change is another story.

People have been talking about this pretty much everywhere. Beginning transformation entails a whole lot of self-discernment. The dated conditioning of our generation has gotten us into rabbit holes of infinite beliefs. What happens when we’re rid of the ones that we grew up with? How are we supposed to know what we don’t know about?

Life reveals these lessons in the most peculiar yet invigorating of ways. To truly learn them creates a leader out of ordinary individuals. A leader does not follow. A leader creates his or her own path. Afterall, every one of us have different destinations. Existing is not automatic nor linear. It’s complex and will take a whole lot more than staying stuck in the same state to survive it. Hence, there is growth, evolution and even revolution. Human beings all look at life differently. Some are satisfied with their perception. Others doubt it, but to achieve transformation, one must become free from it.

Tune in to this episode to find out the importance of breaking loose from these limiting beliefs and being able to spot them in the first place. The parable portrayed in the discussion resonates to the common man’s breakdown before the breakthrough.