Ep 192: The First Energetic Law of Leadership – Fear and Possibility

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Can we get rid of our fears permanently?

There’s always a standard way of how we think things work. Working twice as hard could typically mean acquiring twice as much salary and likewise, working less means less income to earn. This realm of predictability is simply increasing or decreasing your effort and having the equivalent result, thus no breakthroughs are applied. The realm of possibility, on the other hand, is anything and everything that you can think of that is not common. Working less but earning more? That may look unrealistic but it’s certainly not impossible.

As you can see, possibility exists entirely outside of everything we already currently know. We just tend to see it as impossible or a nice unachievable dream as our fears tend to get in the way. And this tells us why the possibility is always met with fear.

Fears protect us from stepping into the unknown. It keeps us from venturing and simply dealing with everything that we used to instead of trying new things. But, living a life of transformation means living a life where you are continuously taking risks. The goal lies in the realm of possibility wherein you’ll be leaving the world with what you are familiar it. And you can’t have limitless opportunities without addressing your fears.

If you’re a leader committed to breaking paradigms and forging forward to create the impossible, tune in to this series as I’ll go over the first energetic law of leadership and why do fear and possibility always show up in equal and opposite countermeasures to one another.