Ep 193: The Difference Between Coaching and Leading

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What’s the distinction between coaching and leading?

These two terms are commonly used in the same context yet their meaning is so different from one another. Although none of these words are superior or inferior in terms of meaning, it is important to differentiate coaching from leading if you aspire to create profound transformation. Coaching empowers someone to support them in whatever path they want to take and let them learn in their own way – your role as a leader is simply to be there on their journey. The duty of leading, on the other hand, is to make sure that they are getting supported in their path in the sense that coaches must model their work and stand for them to do the same thing.

Leaders coach while coaches lead. A leader uses the modality of coaching while a coach must bring the being of leading – which makes the two concepts entwined with one another yet both have distinct meanings.

There are also other differences between coaching and leading that need to be recognized to have a better understanding of these concepts. What other indicators can we use to distinguish coaching from leadership? What kind of approach should I use to achieve transformational leadership?
Listen to this episode as we analyze these two approaches, how one works with the other, and identify how the notion of agenda lies in coaching and leading.