Ep 194: The Second Energetic Law – Relational Reciprocity

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Can we genuinely be true to ourselves and show up exactly as who we really are?
We were born with innate qualities, yet depending on the situation that we are in, we tend to over-express or under-express our true selves. We’ve learned to flaunt our natural abilities to gain recognition and at the same time, we suppress those qualities with other people to be accepted. We’ve unconsciously provided a false charade of our true beings as a form of survival mechanism. The under-expression and the over-expression of our essence have become our shadows which are reciprocal to each other.

Now, you’ll be naturally and almost irresistibly going to be drawn to that underlying energy and potential partners that carry the same essence as you. Since these people – whether having a romantic relationship or business connections with them – are a reflection of you, you’re drawn to more of what you already are.

As you and your partner are either over-expressing or under-expressing your true and innate qualities, it may be deemed as inauthenticity of their shadows thus, the novelty of this approach wears off in both circumstances. We become frustrated by their inauthenticity but it also reflects how we are also unwilling to fully showcase and embody who we are. As transformational leaders, we possess both the medicine and poison for our partners. Thus, it’s also our role to accept their innate and natural essence and let them show up exactly as they are.

Let’s discuss the 2nd energetic law of leadership further as we dive deep into the meaning of this law and figure out how it is a reflection of what lies underneath the surface for both you and your partner.