Ep 195: Learning to Sit in Dissonance

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In a world of constant chaos and conflict, it only makes sense to resolve issues and bring order to your life.


Well, not necessarily.

As humans, we are hardwired to seek harmony and consistency – both in our words and actions. After all, it is through order and balance that we can truly live our life. But, this too, is a limiting ideal.

So, how can we go through life without spending every moment seeking answers to life’s questions or even doing something to synthesize your thoughts with a prevailing opinion that sticks truer with your belief?

This is where learning to sit in dissonance comes into play. As transformational leaders, we need to allow ourselves to comfortably accept conflicting thoughts or actions – in our minds and in our deeds.

We must understand that no prevailing opinion leads to faster development of ideas. And, the need to solve the discomfort caused by dissonance eradicates the possibility of learning – from feedback, opposing arguments, or even seemingly irrational actions.

By embracing dissonance and its conflicting nature, we allow life to take its natural course. Thus, accepting some things cannot be resolved or answered.

Let’s talk about the dissonance, how we can sit through it, and understand how it can lead to a life of new learnings, experience and possibilities.