Ep 230: Detached and Impervious vs. Unattached and Sovereign

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The practice of leadership is the practice of leaning into the unknown and being with what is confronting. Being confronted is challenging, and we close, and then as we do our work, we learn to open in the face of the unknown. Imperviousness is becoming detached, disconnecting from reality emotionally and spiritually. You are physically present, but you can’t feel anything there. It is a natural and effective way for humans to learn to show up in the face of what’s confronting. People can say anything, you stop caring, and you don’t care at all. You will think that detached imperviousness is like you are sovereign, but the truth is, you can stand firm and separate from the world. Sovereign one can be of the world. They let the world affect them. Listen as you will know the distinction between being detached and impervious to the world versus being attached and sovereign.