Ep 300: The Path vs. A Path

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Seeing the path versus seeing a path is one of the more fundamental traps we fall into when we are engaging in the process of developing someone’s leadership, coaching someone, and supporting someone.

It often happens in friendships, family relationships, romantic relationships, and parent-child relationships. It is a product of a desire to help someone along their path.

You are watching them walk their path, and then what you want to do is you want to give them some advice, tell them what to do, and make suggestions.

This desire comes from a good place. Usually, it is because you genuinely want to support people and make a difference to people.

The impact of this in the short term is that people might feel better. It will also make us feel good and put us on the leader pedestal.

But at some level, what you are doing when you do this is that you are creating the energy of not trusting someone along their path. It is not trusting that the path someone is walking is the exact path that they need to be walking.

Listen as you will learn more about the distinction between seeing a path versus seeing the path for someone, the reasons we do it, and the impact of it. Enjoy the show!