Ep 304: Humility and Leadership

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The leader needs to be humble. We love that as a concept, but what we do is we try to conduct ourselves in a way that we deem humble to avoid being humbled.

The irony is that people will talk about how important it is to be humble as a leader. But then, we are actively taking every possible step to avoid the experience of being humbled.

Being humbled is not an easy experience. To be humbled, we must be willing to confront and face our arrogance. We end up empowering others to not step into the spotlight ourselves.

Some people are so allergic to the idea that they might be arrogant and hide behind the safety of this performative humility. Sometimes, what a leader needs to do is to empower while holding the spotlight. Sometimes, what a leader needs to do is to be the one who stands and allows themselves to be praised and take credit.

Listen as you learn more about humble leadership, servant leadership, and more! Enjoy the show!