Ep 307: The Ontology of Micromanaging

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Typically, micromanaging is when you have someone good with the tools, and they move to a higher position. Once they move to a position where they are managing other people and their job is to support people to do their work, they have a degree of derivation or removal from the issue they have. Later, they delegate stuff and tell you what you need to do more or ask if you have done it every 30 seconds.

The impact of being micromanaged is that we are left feeling untrusted and controlled.

Micromanaging is one of those things that we need to acknowledge the way it exists in society. It exists as a label that we slap across the face of someone we don’t like.

Listen as we dive deep into what is the being behind micromanagement and what is happening when you have yourself or someone else micromanaging. Enjoy the show!