Ep 308: The Ontology of the Nursing Profession

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In this episode, we will talk about the ontology of the nursing profession. We will discuss what is happening in the profession and how we can change it up and go differently.

In the medical profession, especially in the nursing profession, we see a lot of the qualities of generosity and contribution. A lot of people have a great deal of quality of generosity or contribution.

These are people for whom they existentially lit up by the act of being generous. Giving to others regardless of what they might get feels good. They want to do that. It’s just who they are.

As they grow up, they learn to become afraid of being not enough or they are too much. The flavor of not being enough for generosity is that you are selfish, and the flavor of being too much is like being unpleasant or overwhelming.

Listen and know why too much generosity can be a recipe for resentment leading to selfishness. Enjoy the show!