Ep 310: Energetic Law #5: That Which You Resist, Persist

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In this episode of The Transformational Leader, Adam Quiney will open a series of discussions about the energetic laws. These laws are things that you have spiritual or folk wisdom that leads to them.

Today, Adam discussed Energetic Law #5: “That which you resist, persists.” The wisdom that follows this energetic law is that if you can let something be, it will let you be.

This fifth law provides some insight into why the things that you must try to eliminate from your life tend to be the things that keep showing up. The fact that those things are actively continuing to be compliant for you is a function that you actively resist. The most obvious example of this is procrastination. By resisting the work, the work persists.

Listen as we break down this energetic law and help you understand why that action is the case. Enjoy the show!