Ep 311: Energetic Law #6: Love & Power

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In this episode of The Transformational Leader, Adam Quiney is on a series of discussions about the energetic laws. Today, he discussed Energetic Law #6: “Love and power.”

The energetic law of love and power states that your power as a leader is proportional to the amount of love you can hold. The lesser the capacity to express and allow love, the lesser the capacity to express and allow power.

There is a distinction between power and force. Anyone can be forceful. It requires no art, it requires no skill, and it does not need love. Forcefulness is the mark of the amateur leader. The force will tend to move something temporarily.

It is distinct from power. Power is the capacity to have the kind of impact you want to have.

Listen as we dive into this energetic law and how it impacts our leadership. Enjoy the show!