Ep 313: The Ontology of the Legal Profession

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In this episode of The Transformational Leader, Adam Quiney dives deep into the ontology of the legal profession.

The starting point for the legal profession is that people get into this profession with a really big heart and brain. People want to make a difference in the world, care so much about it, and want to see positive things happen. They also have brilliant minds and are very good at strategic, logical, and tactical thinking.

What happens with these people is that growing up, they learn a couple of things. They discover that having a big heart is a liability. When you have a big heart, you feel down a lot more. You feel a lot of disappointment, heartbreak, and betrayal. Because of this, we learn to shut the heart down and run everything up to our brain.

Listen as you discover the impacts of this and other qualities people in the legal profession tend to have. Enjoy the show!