The Quality

Your Gift

  • It’s not that you have a lot of passions — you ARE passion. Whatever you put your thoughts towards, you pick up with an enthusiasm and fascination that people around you envy. You do not simply like things — you love the crap out of them. Your passion provides rocket fuel and will have you obsess over every single aspect of whatever currently holds your attention. You tend to be a master in many areas as a result of your commitment and drive to go deep.


  • Passion’s shadow side tends to look like obsession, fixation and addiction. Predictably, you lose yourself in your passions at the expense of the world around you, developing mastery in many areas, but losing touch with the world around you, and pursuing other more illicit pursuits with the same fixation in order to inject back in the connection with the world and spirit you are craving. Alternatively, you become fearful of the dark side of your passion and create strategies and ways that keep you from ever getting truly passionate. You find yourself apathetic in many areas.


  • You are the possibility of living a life on fire. When you do your work to bring your passion into integration with the other parts of yourself and the people around you, you help us see that it’s possible to have a life that we don’t simply like, but rather love. The path is rocky, and at first, requires a willingness on your part to let the dark sides of your passion come out, so that you can then work on them. This kind of vulnerability, in the moment, feels like a distraction, but it’s actually the most important work of all.