Fear is a healthy sign. It means someone is playing a game in their life that has stakes to it.

You want to support your client to practise being with their fear a little more than they currently are able to. Like lifting a weight at a gym, this means pushing out beyond what their current capacity allows for, and doing their best.

Meditation can be an excellent practise for this, provided the client isn’t using the practise in an attempt to bypass their fear. Instead, when they meditate, they should be aiming to feel the fear that is there, and simply allow it to be.

It’s okay to let fear whisper in our ears all of the scary things that it has to say.

Living a transformed life is about feeling the fear, acknowledging its presence, and then, rather than reacting to it, taking the next step anyway.

As your client practises and begins to allow fear to simply exist in their lives, they will find that its significance diminishes. Playing a big game in your life doesn’t mean that your fear goes away. Quite the contrary, its tends to increase.

What shifts is our relationship to that fear — we go from feeling that fear is wrong, or means something significant, to simply recognizing its presence without adding any additional meaning.

This, is freedom.

–Excerpt from the Ontological Codex