One of the things I often find missing in the workshops and events I attend, is depth and rigour.

Depth and rigour is the ability of the people leading and holding the container to take me deeper than I’ve gone myself, and to be able to stand with me as my ego innocently tries to shake them off.

I find this a rarity, because people really deeply engaging with their own transformational work is uncommon.

I wasn’t able to find statistics, but even amongst the coaching profession, which you think would be totally bought into coaching, my experience has been that it’s more likely than not that the coach in front of you doesn’t work with their own coach.

So, when I find people that clearly have a depth of practice behind them — people that are able to stand simultaneously strong and open and loving, in the midst of everything I do to make them leave me be — I’m really drawn to them.

This is the kind of work I seek out voraciously. That capacity to stand for me this way makes everything shift.

The flip side to this is that I find a lot of events I attend that have depth and rigour can be a little lacking in play.

We go deep, and I get the gift of experiencing some kind of transformation within myself. That part rules. But it’s a lot of hard work.

Hard work that I’ll gladly take on.

But hard work, nonetheless.

Bay and I like to combine our hard work with a lot of play and fun.

In fact, this creates a potent shift for me. It means that my transformational work shifts away from being something I’m nobly willing to take on, to something that I’m excited to be a part of.

The world has a lot of this first kind of approach to our work.

It’s something we’re willing to do, and hey, that’s really something to credit yourself for — that you’re willing to lean into the stuff that’s tough and challenging.

But, from a transformational lens, we’re interested in supporting you to live a life that is bigger than that.

What about living a life that allows for your transformation, but that doesn’t require you to be “willing to take on something hard”.

What about a life that allows for your transformation, and has you excited and joyous about what you’re stepping into?

This is different than convincing ourselves that we’re happy because we’re willing to do hard work.

We’re talking about genuine joy. The same feeling you get when you sit down to play your favourite video game, or eat your favourite food, or whatever it is for you.

This is the difference between living pretty good, and living great.

In service of all of this, The Intensive this year includes two days on the weekend beforehand (May 25 – 26) where we will be hanging out with participants and doing all manner of cool things here in Victoria.

Whale watching, bike rides and pub crawls, pizza and pinball gatherings, secret whiskey clubs, escape rooms, and so on.

It doesn’t all have to be hard. And further, the more fun you have, the easier it is to transform.

Come join us: