Predictably, you will get better and better at projecting the polished image of perfection that you feel comfortable with. People will see you, and, in your presence, feel intimidated (you like that a little, right?). They will look to you and despair, thinking there’s no way for them to achieve the heights you have achieved. You leave behind a wake of despair, for people see how well put together you are and feel there’s never any chance they can attain such heights.

The possibility you represent is in letting down this guard. Of you being the one person willing to open the kimono and let people in fully. When people spend time with you, they get to be present with all of the aspects of being a human being, including the parts of ourselves we feel shame or hate towards. Instead of being intimidated by you, you leave people in awe of what is possible for themselves. People will spend time with you and realize “Wow. If you struggle with that, maybe it’s not so significant that I do. Maybe I can do this after all.”

Instead of intimidation and despair, you leave a trail of inspiration in your wake. Inspiration in every room, every conversation, every interaction, every business venture. This inspiration is not a function of something you do — it’s a function of the way you show up. It’s a function of the intimacy that you are willing to be with people. It’s a function of what is possible if you are willing to let down your guard so that people can see all of you (rather than just the shiny bits).

It is predictable that you will lead people, but in such a way that leaves them feeling like they are unable to lead themselves. They will feel inspired, brilliant and connected, provided you are there with them.

What is predictable is you will be a great leader — that creates great followers.

Your inability to express yourself fully — to reveal all of who you are to the world — will naturally create more followers and dim people’s ability to see and be the source of their own inspiration.

Your possibility is you are a leader of leaders.

You can be the leader who creates leaders, and are inspired and nourished by that fact (rather than simply being okay, or more likely, threatened with and by it). When people spend time with you, they discover the leader that they have within themselves, and learn what it is to lead in their own lives. By spending time with you, they learn that they do not need you, or anyone else, and discover just how powerful they are.

What is possible for you is a life where you never stop growing — you never reach a point where you feel stagnant, or bored. Instead of apathy and frustration paradoxically continuing to grow and take centre stage in your life, you live a life where newness is cherished and ever-present.

What is predictable is, as you age, you control, contract and shrink away from the life around you (this one isn’t reserved for the Smartest Person in the Room — this is predictable for everyone). What is possible is that, in aging, you continue to expand and open further. Your light grows ever more bright as you mature, and as does the light of everyone around you.

What is possible is you lose your fear of being caught out, embarrassed or ignorant, and instead learn to revel in it. You discover the joy and the brilliance that lies in the innocence of being lost, and you welcome the opportunity to see where your ego has made you an innocent hypocrite. These moments no longer represent something you dread and arrange life to avoid, but rather opportunities you seek out. You relish in the sharp sting of awareness that it creates when someone reflects your blind spots to you, and use these to continue unfolding.

What is predictable is that you talk a lot about these things happening and living your life this way. What is possible is that you are the living example of these tenets both in your actions and your being.