Here are some good ways to avoid doing your work:

– Break up a relationship
– Start a new relationship (or multiples)
– Stay in an existing relationship and try to white knuckle your way to happiness
– Try to figure it out by yourself (that includes books and videos)
– Quit your job and get a new one
– Stay in your existing job and justify your suffering
– Become a coach (really great way to avoid doing your work)
– Hire a bunch of coaches, mentors, and take a bunch of seminars
– Teach leadership
– Go cold turkey on some habit that you don’t think serves you, without looking any deeper
– Empower and justify your addictions and destructive habits
– Put yourself first
– Put yourself last
– Eschew strategy, structure and control and pursue your passion
– Set your passion aside and adopt strategy, structure and control
– Work an 80-hour work week
– Work a 4-hour work week
– Work a 40 hour work week
– Create a life free of any stress and overwhelm
– Create a life of nothing but stress and overwhelm
– Medicate/numb your problems
– Wallow in/dramatize your problems

I’ve done all of these, and will probably repeat many, if not all, of them in the future.

The trick is letting go of the idea that what you’re doing is a sign that you’re actively taking on your work.

Your ego will co-opt whatever you take on. Let go of the significance around that fact, and practise revelling in the gift of always having more places for your transformation.

(Then teach me how to do the same)