In our journey of transformation, we are ultimately in a process of destroying our existing worldview — our story about how the world works, how it’s set up, what is appropriate, what is inappropriate, and so on.

We’re destroying that worldview so that we can create a new worldview that allows for more possibility. A new worldview that allows for the possibility of the things we want, and probably long ago concluded were unavailable.

If you have a story about what it’s appropriate to charge for your services, and at the same time, want to be making more money in your life, you may have to change that story.

The alternative is that you work 120 hours a week, and see how long you can do that for. Or, finally, you might resign yourself to the idea that you just need to be happy with what you have, and give up on the idea of having more freedom and more money available.

You could even empower this last decision by creating a new story about how money is actually really bad, and you’re really lucky that you dodged the bullet of creating more.

This is kind of like doubling down on your resignation, and compacting your existing story.

So now, you’re resigned to having a certain lifestyle, to things looking a certain way, and to the idea that you can’t make any more than you currently do, other than by working WAY harder.

If you want things to go differently for you, you’re going to have to change this story. And as we start to peel back this story and invite you to practise something different, you’re going to be struck with the feeling that SOMETHING IS WRONG HERE.

Something is wrong is the internal experience that occurs when you come into conflict with your existing stories and worldview.

As you start to act outside of the stories and beliefs that you have compressed into place, you’re going to feel some discomfort. That discomfort often occurs as though “Something is Wrong”.

When we feel like something is wrong, we go looking for the cause of that feeling anywhere but our own internal worldview.

Like a fish trying to create a new experience for themselves on land, they’re going to put a ton of work looking into everything that might be causing this discomfort, except for looking at the water. They simply don’t see it.

Likewise, you simply don’t see your worldview, your stories and your beliefs. They just don’t occur to you.

So, met with this experience, you find evidence of something being wrong, and seek to fix it. You try to give feedback to your friends, teachers, leaders and so on, to have them change what they’re doing. You get frustrated with the world, or annoyed with the way things are set up.

You create very well-reasoned arguments for why what is currently happening is wrong, thereby proving the truth that Something is Wrong Here.

You might even go on a crusade to ensure that the feeling of “Something being wrong” is never something anyone else has to deal with, because you are finding it so uncomfortable.

The upshot of all of this is that it further pushes you away from the very truth that would set you free: Nothing is Wrong.

You are simply experiencing yourself push beyond the confines of a limiting but comfortable worldview you have lived in for a very long time.

Moving through this process is incredibly challenging, and at times, can leave us doubting ourselves. That’s why transformation requires a lot more than simply reading memes on the internet or taking a single workshop.

It’s okay though — the good news is that you will move through this in your own time, and at your own tempo.

Just keep an eye out, as you do so, for that feeling that “Something is wrong here”.