Transform Your Leadership

Professional Bio:

Adam Quiney works with the smartest people in the room whose intelligence is the very thing that is holding them back.

Adam is an executive mentor to leaders and top performers, specializing in developing genius leadership. Adam’s clients don’t simply change; they transform their lives and the way they show up in the world, creating massive impact in their relationships, companies, and families.

Adam develops leaders through deep, transformative coaching, supporting them to create lives where they own both their leadership and their genius as a quality and a place to come from. Adam supports leaders to discover their innate gifts, identify their blocks, and have them lead from their highest and most powerful self.Adam shifts them from living an externally-driven life, where the only satisfaction comes from the 30 minutes after completing a goal, into one where they are driven from within, deriving satisfaction, prosperity, and peace every moment of every day.

His clients include corporations, lawyers, doctors, executives, world-class designers, olympic athletes, financial professionals, and CEOs across North America and Europe


“Besides having an admirable first name, Adam is a unique standout for his honed intelligence, insight, raining,genuine care for those whom he serves in a world full of mediocrity.”
— Adam Goldgeier.

Adam is available for keynotes,
1/2 day and full day workshops.

The Dark Side of Brilliance:
How Smart People Sabotage their Leadership, and How to Unlock it

You’re one of the Smartest People in the Room, which has granted you success, accolades and admiration. It’s also the thing that makes relationships, fulfilment, and intimacy impossible. It creates an upper bound on your leadership, and has you create teams with the same traits. Here’s how to identify and break through this problem.

Zone of Excellence vs.
Zone of Genius

The difference between doing work that you’re good at, and doing the work only you are capable of doing is simultaneously subtle and massive. Hear Adam break down how we form our Zone of Excellence, and how the mastery you create in what you’re “pretty good” at is the very thing that stands in the way of you creating the impact we’re here to make.

How Leadership is about

Transformational leadership is not discovered in the pages of a book, a webinar, or even a keynote speech. It happens in the moment, and inside of the relationship you can create with those you lead. Where do your relationships breakdown, and how do you learn to navigate those breakdowns masterfully, so as to create ever more powerful opportunities for leadership?

The High Cost
of Contentment

The Smartest People in the Room tend to be masterful at creating a life and organization that is content. In the eyes of those around us, we are held with reverence and admiration, but underneath the surface, often even below our own ability to see it, there is a cost to this contentment. Find out what that cost is, and how to blast through it.