Transform Your Leadership

— Rich Litvin

“Adam’s one of the most powerful coaches I know. He exclusively coaches the smartest people in the room—and he’s brilliant at it. When I have someone too smart for their own good — I send them to Adam.”

“Adam is without a doubt the best coach for those too smart to be coached by anyone else. He can see the gift behind every shadow, and the shadow behind every gift and draws out the gold in you so that it can shine in the world. Adam is the mirror that has you see your mission and purpose on this planet, and provides that to you in a way that is achievable and measurable. If you’ve found that most of the support you’ve received is simply too easy or not edgy enough for you, you should be talking with Adam.”

— Tony Bonnici

— Leo Babauta

“Adam is one of the most brilliant coaches I’ve met, a man who sees the greatness and power in every person he serves, and who deeply understands how to help bring those gifts to full bear. He will speak truth to you in such an insightful, compassionate way that you won’t even know what hit you.”

“Besides having an admirable first name, Adam is a unique standout for his honed intelligence, insight, training, genuine care for those whom he serves in a world full of mediocrity. Just a few sessions with him opened up doors into a whole new realm of possibility of a achievement for me. In my experience, he stands at the top of the field.”

— Adam Gilad

— Flora Douville

“Adam is a brilliant coach with a huge heart — let me explain that, and then say more. Every time I have had a chance to witness Adam coach, I have been amazed at the purity and the clarity of the container he will set up. He has a way to hold the space for me to experience deep transformation that is both sharp and warm. I feel held in an intention-free space and as a result, I can let my truth emerge fully and take action from there. Adam is also a powerful leader with an exquisite sense of connection. He models what true leadership is by consistently showing up as his best self, by owning all the parts of himself and by giving what is needed instead of giving what is wanted. And all of this is accomplished all the while radiating high doses of love and wit. Knowing Adam and working with him makes me a better human being.”

“I can count on a single hand the coaches I know and respect at the highest level and Adam easily makes it on that list with room to spare.

What’s amazing about Adam is that he does was so few coaches can actually pull off, not only does he make people feel deeply seen in a moment and ask powerful as shit questions, but he develops this incredibly complex and deep understanding of every person he works with. I’ve seen Adam in a room full of the worlds best coaches see right through a client’s stories and point out something no one else had noticed. I’ve seen him wrangle and transform the kind of clients most coaches run screaming from. And best of all I’ve seen him create and innovate in the moment and over time in a way that always shocks me into wonder.

To say Adam is a good coach is an understatement, I’ve made it part of my focus and mission to find and work with the most brilliant coaching minds of my generation and if I’m lucky I’ll get to spend the next 30 – 40 years of my life collaborating with and learning from the revolutionary and powerful way he shows up as a man, as a friend, and as a truly masterful coach.”

— Toku McCree