There is an inherent arrogance in the idea of coaching.

The heart of coaching is the belief that we can go further and deeper with the support of someone else.

But who are you to tell me that you’re able to be that person? Are you somehow further along than I am? Like, you got there, somehow, and now you’re able to help me?

That’s obnoxious.

Another version of this is the idea that I need a coach if there’s something I can’t achieve on your own. But this person who’s coaching me, they’re not really struggling that way.

So… maybe I need someone to help you attain big things, but this person that’s going to coach me doesn’t.

Again, obnoxious.

These feelings about coaching both are and are not accurate.

A really good coach has long since abandoned the idea that they’ve freed themselves from whatever blocked them.

The committed coach recognizes the simple fact that their ego will always be with them, and will use yesterday’s breakthrough to hold them here, today.

And, the committed coach chooses to play for the kind of life that is unobtainable on their own.

They preemptively commit to the kind of support that would be necessary in order to live a really big life. They do this, even (and especially) if they’re not yet living that life, knowing that the commitment to that kind of support calls them forward.

But just because this is the attitude of the committed coach doesn’t mean it’s the attitude of coaching in general.

Asking for support is hard, and it costs something (both financially and energetically). When there’s a cost in the way, it becomes easy to find reasons to put it off.

And therein lies the arrogance.

So this arrogance isn’t malicious. In fact, it’s almost entirely unconscious.

In coaching and leadership, we need to be conscious of this arrogance, and get out in front of it.

And we do that by choosing structures and support that helps us stay out in front, and walk the same walk we are inviting our clients to walk.

The Intensive is one of those opportunities. A chance to surround yourself in a transformational conversation, and with people that are committed to walking the walk of transformation the same way you are.

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