The Forge

Be a part of an exclusive group of coaches and leaders, committed to the deepest work possible: creating their own transformation and deepening themselves in service of others.

Transform Your Leadership

You’ve probably already noticed the same thing we have: the coaching profession is saturated, and a large percentage of it consists of well-intentioned people delivering surface level work, while talking about transformation.

They aren’t delivering this kind of experience out of malice or a desire to cheat people. They’re doing so out of an innocent blindness.

Most coach training delivers tools, information, techniques and tricks, because those are appealing to our fear of looking like an imposter, leave us feeling like we’re getting what we need, and give us something to throw at a client when we’re not sure how to be with them.

But receiving all of the information in the world will not develop someone whose very way of being is transformational in and of itself.

Coaching, as it’s currently developed, is largely taught, rather than created in someone, and consequently, coaches graduate their training with their heads filled with information and tools, but without any real depth of transformation in their own being.

They are like someone who has memorized and learned all of the technical requirements for massage therapy, but has never committed to regularly being massaged themselves. They may be able to deliver a technically proficient experience, but will do so with tense muscles and energy. They will never be able to create a shift in your own energy, the same way that someone who is deeply relaxed and embodied in themselves will be able to.

We created The Forge in response to all of the above. It is a nine-month program designed to support leaders and coaches in learning how to create deep transformation in others, first, by undergoing that process in their own lives.

The Forge runs every September, and typically sells out months in advance. If you would like to learn more about The Forge, you can do so here.

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