Things had been getting nasty for a while.

It wasn’t a surprise — not for either of us.

We’d talked about this happening before we even began this journey.

We even talked about how, while it sounded clear right now, when it happened — when the moment came — you simply would not recognize it.

And here we are.

Some people, some coaches, would fire you.

End the relationship!

That would even feel powerful.

(For a while)

It would feel righteous too — and I like feeling that way.

(For a while)

But all I would really be doing is playing in to the exact same pattern that everyone else does.

And that’s not what you and I committed to when we set off.

So instead I stay.

It hurts being this close to someone hurting so much.

But I stay, and I continue to love you, long after everyone else would have stopped.

It’s not their fault.

It’s not yours either.

It’s just your pattern playing out.

Am I am the last thing standing for you and your breakthrough.

I hold the space for the highest part of you.

The part I can see when no one else can — not even you.

And I remember that part for you.