I started a project to increase my literacy in the Twitter space. Is that a thing? Do we call it Twitter anymore? It seems like we do.

Anyhow, the first thing I notice is an immediate overwhelming amount of jargon. Acronyms, slang, inside jokes on inside jokes, and so on.

It all contributes to a great deal of confusion, and that confusion gets transformed, by my fear, into a great deal of feeling stupid.

So I breathe, and I look stuff up, like an old-timey grandfather trying to understand his grandchildren. And then I remind myself that I’m simply learning.

And then I dive back in.

Next, I’m struck by how much brilliance there is available to read, if you’re interested in reading it.

Like reams and reams of this stuff. Smart people saying smart things, and then other people rebutting with more smart things, and then some weird sarcastic joke to finish it off, that is probably definitely very smart, even if it makes no damn sense to me.

My fear’s got us covered here too. This isn’t just evidence that I’m stupid, but also that I’m definitely not going to make a difference anywhere in the world, let alone Twitter.

The space is already taken up, people have already made all the marks that were going to be made, and so I can take my toys and go home.

It’s stunning to me how much stuff my ego can make up about all of this, and once again, how much there is for us to SIMPLY BE WITH as a human.

I mean, none of this is *real* — I know that and you know that.

But knowing something is different than the actual experience of it, and the experience of immersing myself into something new like this is a lot to be with.

Additionally, “knowing something” is a really good way to avoid being with it. If I “know” this isn’t real, then I can get into some hefty analysis, and become fascinated by this experience, and just live in my thoughts hoping it will go away.

That’s not really where growth and transformation lie. They lie alongside a willingness to be with the confrontation and its associated feelings, and breathe and open into this experience.

Kudos to all you humans out here humaning. It’s not easy.