The training happens when you are very young — right when you are beginning to put your personality together.
The training teaches you what parts about you are inappropriate, wrong, bad, and need to be hidden.
The training also teaches you what parts about yourself are not enough, too little, insufficient, and thus need to be turned up to 11.

The training comes from well-meaning people — parents, guardians, teachers and peers — who received the same training when they were growing up.

The training teaches you all the ways that you are not enough and too much, and from your training, you learn how to compensate by crafting your strategies.

If you are Brilliance, the training teaches you that your intellect is arrogant and intimidating, and it also teaches you that you should be doing even better on your tests and schooling than you already are.
From this training, you will learn and devise approaches to ensure your Brilliance is never too much for people, while simultaneously striving endlessly to prove to yourself and the rest of the world that you are indeed smart.

If you are Generosity, the training teaches you that your selflessness is something people will take advantage of and should therefore be jealously guarded, and it also teaches you that you are selfish and should be giving away everything you own, including your blood plasma and bone marrow.
From this training, you will clutch at and guard what you already own in an effort to avoid being taken advantage of, while simultaneously giving away as much as you can in an attempt to disprove your fears about being selfish.

The training creates in you a schizophrenic experience with yourself.
You are simultaneously never enough, and too much.

No amount of trying to balance this internal equation with your strategies will ever work.
Because the equation itself is fabricated and made up.
It is spurious.

You will, however, create a thriving live from your strategies, based on whatever definition of “thriving” your training allows for.
When our training includes a story that there is never enough money, your strategies might allow you to create a life where you simultaneously make a lot of money, while also ensuring money forever remains scarce.

Your training isn’t bad.
Generations before you learned to thrive the same way you have, from the same training you got.

This doesn’t need to change.
But if you want it to, we must first start by recognizing the training.
And then, we need to see the version of yourself that existed before you were trained.