Let’s change your game.-OLD

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You’re the smartest person in the room.

That much I know about you.

And that’s why you’re screwed.

Things have always come easily to you. So easy in fact, that you may feel like a fraud at times. Don’t get me wrong, you have always been willing to do the work.

It’s just that, doing the work, is effortless for you. Success, accolades, and acknowledgment are all there for you. You’ve always gotten good grades and scored highly on comprehension tests (except where you’ve deliberately under-achieved).

Your ability to consume and synthesize material has allowed you to quickly rise through the ranks of whatever organization you’re in. You may even have applied this approach to social settings, identifying what is required in the moment, and showing up that way.

In fact, this brilliance has really served you.

You’ve got the position, the job, the money, the car, the house, your kids are going to good schools — you’ve checked off every checkbox that indicates you’re a success and have a good life.

But you’ve got some secrets.



And deep down — you fear that you may also be boring.

The challenge is over. You’re fast at mastery. So fast, you oscillate between feeling like a fraud because it was so easy or feeling like a fraud because you’re pretending to be enthralled with your achievement.

Remember that feeling you used to get when you were excited about what came next? Remember when you didn’t already have everything mapped out?

Remember when life could still surprise you?



And it is a secret because you’re charismatic, and externally, you seem like a natural.

Like I said, life’s not so bad, you’re surrounded by people almost constantly. You’re great at parties, and everyone finds you entertaining. But inside, you wonder why you can’t seem to create deep relationships with people. You wonder why you feel so numb.



You love your wife and your kids and your family, but they don’t have the same impact for you that Success does. It’s become the only thing you’ve got a real relationship left with. It feeds you, nurtures you, gives you security. It’s the thing gets you out of bed, and the thing that drives you every day. It’s become one of the few things left.

You’ve learned to rely on these gifts to create your success, but on some level you may be coming to the realization that you’ve sacrificed your heart and love in order to do so. You notice your impatience showing up around your friends, your family, your kids. You notice that you can’t sit still without thinking about what you’re going to create next. The only time you feel at peace, is when you’re putting out a fire — and so you go looking for, and creating, fires.

You know that I’m talking about you if you’re already finding ways to rationalize why this isn’t so bad.

And you’re right — life isn’t so bad. These parts of yourself are actually something to honour.

But you’re still not happy.

And you notice that, more and more, you continue to reach for external things to create the sense of excitement you’re craving. Things like:

  • Career-success (Hey look, it’s that #1 relationship again!)
  • Athletic pursuits (“Well, I’ve mastered the business world. Time for a new thing to conquer.”)
  • Stimulants — alcohol, drugs, porn, etc.
  • Sexual conquests (it’s a lot easier than creating real intimacy…)

Bad news: You’re too smart to be helped.

Most of the world doesn’t understand you. They can’t.

You try to share this stuff with them, and they’ll tell you why you’re so fortunate. They’ll pass off what you’re feeling, telling you you’re just trying too hard.

“You should just slow down and enjoy life.”


Everyone around you is either envious or excited about what you’ve created. No one really understands your situation, because they can’t. They see the benefits of a life where your throttle is all-on or all-off, but not the costs.

I work with people like you. Leaders who have achieved success and exposed the myth that doing so leads to happiness. Leaders that awe the people around them, but know deep down there’s more to life than this.


We work together to uncover the very patterns and habits that have led to your success — and to see how they are now what holds you stuck. We transform the way you show up in your life, developing you as a leader that lives from your deepest truth. A leader that models not only success, but adventure, excitement, happiness, daring, and passion.

Here’s what we will create:

  • A life free of compromise. No more sacrificing your passion, your relationships, your love, your desires and your joy in order to create impact. We are creating a life where you actually win more, by releasing the places you’ve learned to compromise.
  • Love, openness and the deep connection that you crave with people. You’ll develop the ability to create deep, intimate connection with anyone and everyone. You won’t need time, alcohol or pretext to do it. You will become a magnet for connection, and those relationships will no longer drain you or leave you feeling empty inside — they’ll fill you up.
  • Actual fulfilment. Not the kind of fulfilment you feel for 4 hours after you buy your new car. Not the kind of fulfilment you feel during the 30 minutes between completing a huge goal and seeking out the next one. Actual fulfilment. The kind of fulfilment that has you wake up and go to sleep grateful and exhilarated to be alive. You remember that feeling, right?
  • Fuck boredom. We’ll create a life where you are no longer jumping back and forth between boredom and frantically stimulating yourself. A life free of boredom and free of the need for stimulation. A life where you, living on your edge, is what excites and drives you, and, excites and drives the world around you.
  • Legacy. You are here to shift the planet. You know this in your heart, and you know that, no matter how impressed everyone else is around you, it’s a load of bullshit. No more tiddlywinks. You, playing the game of your life, and creating the seismic shift you’re here to make.

I don’t work with everyone.

Here’s how to disqualify yourself (if that’s what you’re looking to do):

This isn’t right for you if:

  • You’re looking for another ten tips or tricks that will give you a short-term band-aid to be more “present” in the world.
  • You’re looking for a short-term fix that will have everything sorted out neatly and without having to make any change.
  • You’re looking for nice conversations, feeling good, and having your feathers fluffed — you’re already surrounded by those people.
  • You’re hoping to change things in your life without having to do anything different..
  • You’re looking to get better at life — you have a vision and are committed to bringing it into the world. Better is not enough.
  • You’re hoping to hire someone that will tell you what to do to step into your deepest leadership (You get that that’s self-defeating, right?)
  • You think that shifting patterns you’ve developed over the course of your life should happen in the span of about 3 months.
  • You believe that the reason you don’t have the results you want is because you don’t have the right plan.
  • You believe that you’ll be ready to take on this work once things have settled down (have things ever truly settled down for you?)
  • You aren’t willing to let go of some of the comforts you currently have in order to create the life of your dreams.
  • You believe that leadership is developed by reading enough books and listening to enough lectures.
  • You’re waiting to feel confident before you fully step into your life and leadership.

Our Investment In You

Work like this requires commitment. You already know this is true, because you demand the same from everyone else. This work isn’t for the faint of heart — it’s for people that know they’re ready to change the planet and are willing to make a commitment commensurate with that. Your commitment is a minimum of 6-months, and a financial commitment between $7,500 and $50,000.