You’ve gone from censoring yourself to living unapologetically.

  • But maybe you’re ready to start being responsible for your impact.

You’ve gone from knowing all of the answers to admitting that you don’t know.

  • But are you willing to start acting in the face of not knowing, instead of waiting until you do know?

You’ve gone from living a life dictated by rigid goals to one that is soft and in flow with the universe…

  • But maybe it’s time to practice making commitments and forgiving yourself in the face of your humanity.

You’ve mastered vulnerability as a marketing technique

  • But maybe you’re ready to start practising true vulnerability - the kind that might have people turn away from you.

You’ve created your life and your business so that you can turn on a dime and avoid the perennial boredom that shows up in your life

  • But maybe now you’re ready to plant some roots and address how you’re the cause of that boredom

You’re frustrated by the way people relate to you and keep pigeonholing you, and have started calling them on it

  • But are you ready to assume the mantle of leader, and look at how you’re the one leading people to pigeonhole you?

You’ve created a life where you rarely get angry or sad

  • So maybe now it’s time to pursue the kind of purpose in your life that would require learning how to be with those feelings instead of avoiding them

You’ve addressed all of the niggles in your life and things are nice, neat and orderly

  • Perhaps now you’re ready to confront what you’re doing to overcome your boredom

You’re a warrior for social justice, equality and unity and refuse to tolerate even the slightest hint of prejudice

  • But perhaps it’s time to get responsible for the impact of hating people for their hate.

It’s not that you didn’t create something magical when you achieved these results. It’s that you and I are playing a game without a finish line.

Yesterday’s breakthrough becomes today’s crutch.

There are no solutions here, no once-and-for-all victories. There’s only what’s next, from where you currently stand.

The more you defend yesterday’s accomplishment, the harder it is to let it go so you can create tomorrow’s victory.

So yes; celebrate those wins. And then release them to the wind.

Your possibility awaits.