I find that the promise of leadership and transformation looms large in a lot of what the world projects onto my eyeballs.

Well, that’s not entirely true. What I find is projected at me is the promise of transformation paired with the effortlessness of a shortcut.

If I just try this approach, go to this workshop, buy this planner, hire this marketer, and so on, then everything will be different.

You’ve probably noticed this too.

Most of the people that come across my desk have a particular flavor of misgiving, and it sounds like this:

“I’ve paid for courses and coaches that promise results. I’m usually disappointed pretty quickly.”

Me too.

This happens for two big reasons:

First, because it’s a lot easier to talk about leadership than it is to actually be a leader.

So you end up in programs and courses that are led by someone talking about leadership, telling you about transformation, but this person isn’t actually being a transformed leader in the moment.

Leadership and transformation occur in the moment. They aren’t something you develop by reading (if that was the case, these programs would have done their job, as would the countless memes we’re met with daily).

Second, we substitute the attainment of results for a transformational shift in our being.

Most of us want more money because we believe it will give us a sense of ease and peace. So we strive, scramble and stress after money in the hopes that that will eventually lead us to ease and peace.

(Take a moment to savour that paradox. We are striving, scrambling and stressing in the hopes that it will lead to us being easy and peaceful.)

It’s usually the other way around. By creating the breakthrough to experience peace and ease in your life, regardless of your circumstance, you’re inevitably going to fare better in your career. We always do better work when we are relaxed. (This last piece has been scientifically proven again and again).

But because of our inability to see past the striving for results, we settle for taking classes and workshops from people that can promise results. We do this rather than asking ourselves “What is this person’s being like? Do they feel powerful? Transformational? Do I have a powerful experience being with them?”

As a result of these two factors, we end up in workshops and classes where someone is talking about leadership, promising results, and it all falls sideways. We take diligent notes and maybe we ask some questions.

The promise is that when you get home, armed with new knowledge, you’ll put this all into action. But that promise cannot be fulfilled, because there has been no shift in your internal state. All of the actions you take will simply be a product of that same internal state that has created things the way they currently are.

It doesn’t have to go this way. Leadership can really be transformational, and breakthroughs really are available. It just requires finding leaders and containers that can hold the energy and support you to go past the point that you stop.

That container doesn’t have to be the Intensive, but if you’re having a hard time finding a place to do the kind of work I’m describing, you should check us out.

You can learn more about the Intensive here: http://evergrowthcoaching.com/the-intensive.